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A little update…

September 18, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know, I most likely will start blogging again soon. Waiting for a few things to settle down, so please check back soon! Think October. See you then.

An Explanation

June 27, 2011

I have not blogged in over a month. I knew that, but it also helped that I do have two loyal friends to remind me. One was telling me the past few times we hung out and the other sent me a text message tonight.

I feel as thought I owe someone, myself, and those who seem to find their way here daily an explanation.

I haven’t blogged in over a month for one reason. Lack of motivation.

I have been in the past half a year felt like I am not able to write the things that I think, feel and hold in high regard.

I love the Church, the Pastorate, and ministry. If you know me, I tend to attempt to be a problem fixer… or at least can spot a problem from miles away. That trait, is not widely accepted in the CHURCH world.

So that leads me to this: I am not motivated because I feel like most times I catch slack for the opinions that I have.

I will blog again. Most likely in September. I have been clearing my mind, praying, reading the word, loving Jesus and trying to do the things that are important. Loving my wife and working hard on my business.

I refuse to turn into the pastor who only will preach, talk and discuss the things that make people get goose bumps and chills. I want people to know God, His Son and the whole Gospel. Even the hard parts. So at the end, I can stand before God and not be judged for being a wimp of a pastor and Christian.

I appreciate that there are people out there who care about me and what it is God has me doing. I would ask a few things of you over the next 2 months…

Pray I love Jesus more.

Pray that I become a better husband.

Pray that my motivation returns, and that shortly I will feel like I can write again about the things I love so much.

Talk to you soon. Peace.


2 Posts That You Should Read

May 23, 2011

Every once in a while I come across posts that I think I vital to Church leaders and Christians who are being lead by God appointed leaders.

I would like if you are a pastor to read this post about how it is not all about the numbers. Please do yourself the favor and your church the favor and click this link. Thanks.

And if you are a Christian, I think you ought to read this post on how we as humans do not naturally drift towards God. Rather we drift away and call it all kinds of nice names to mask the smell of our sin. Please read.

Recent Musical Purchases

May 19, 2011

I will rate with three different words. If you have these albums, I would be interested in seeing how you rate them with these words.

Wonderful, Worth Buying, Eh, and the worst.

Worth Buying


Worth Buying


Please Be Serious

May 18, 2011

Ministry is easy in the end. How you ask? Well, when you rely on God to save and restore then the weight of having to produce results isn’t on your back. I say that to say, in spite of knowing God does all the work ultimately, I believe in still giving your all in an attempt to be the tool that God uses to spread the Gospel.

I get the awesome privilege of sharing the Gospel with people. Not because I am a pastor or work with students, but because I have been saved by Christ work on the cross I get to share that fact with others. And if I could ask people one question, I would have to sort through lots first, but I think I would come to this:

Are you being serious about your spiritual life. Have you thought about how you are sinner? Have you thought about how hell is a real place, and it is the end for those who are not saved by God. Has your heart been drawn to God?

How you answer those thoughts really speak volume about how your spiritual life is doing.

Back from the blogging break…

May 17, 2011

Confession: I needed a break from more than blogging. My life up until last Wednesday had been a little stressful. And let me say… there are lots of people in the world who need a break more than me. So I want to start off by saying that I am blessed with the ability to just shut down.

Taking a break from blogging has let me gain a little more focus. Both on life in the real world and life online.

Truth is, online life… as much as it is a large part of me, could disappear and I would be fine.

Breaking from life let me pray and more than that… listen to what God wanted to say to me.

Last week was not about me or my ministry, but about where God wanted me to grow. I really felt pressed about certain priorities.

I actually feel like I can breathe.

Thanks for sticking around and reading. I hope to write for as long as people will read.

Blogging Break

May 10, 2011

Just a little FYI, I am going to be taking an official break from blogging till this upcoming Sunday. Now, you might think “Man, he only posts like 3 times a week anyhow,” but for me it will actually be a break. No thinking about it, no writing down thoughts.

A simple break is a good thing.

Talk to you all Sunday night.

Sunday Night Thoughts

May 8, 2011

Hey guys. Hope you enjoy my thoughts. Leave your own at the end if you would like. I would appreciate it.

I love my wife. And I think she is wonderful. And I think I am a pretty good husband… but I felt God convict me this weekend on some issues on how I see and treat my wife. Here is stepping up my game with the grace of God.

We lost our playoff game tonight. My thoughts: Youth wins almost every time. We just got out played. No biggie, we will be back.

When we preach, we ought to preach with eternity in our minds. The eternity of those who are listening to us preach the Word. Let us not fail them.

I am bouncing back from a few “down” weeks in ministry. Thanks for the prayers.

One word: Doppelganger. (You should try and use that word every day, it will make you smile for sure)

Going to be taking some time off soon. Really looking forward to checking out.

Proud of my friends who are graduating this spring. Praying that God would show himself in a new way as they step into a new phase of life.

Currently the Pirates are .500 ! Someone needs to take me to a game.

The most important relationship in the world is the one between you and God.

This just in: God’s number one priority is God. News flash, it isn’t you. God saving people does not terminate on our salvation, but was meant for us to make much of Him.

By the way, my Dog Moses is doing well. No seizures this week. Thank God for looking after him.

Young Adult Worship Night!

May 6, 2011


May 4, 2011

Here is a question for you.

What is the ultimate pain?

Can this be answered?

Is it possible to put it in words?

Or is pain determined by who it is happening to?

Does all of humanity experience the same amount of pain?

Is it sickness? Is it death? Is it loss?

Could the greatest pain be something that everyone one already knows?