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2 Posts That You Should Read

May 23, 2011

Every once in a while I come across posts that I think I vital to Church leaders and Christians who are being lead by God appointed leaders.

I would like if you are a pastor to read this post about how it is not all about the numbers. Please do yourself the favor and your church the favor and click this link. Thanks.

And if you are a Christian, I think you ought to read this post on how we as humans do not naturally drift towards God. Rather we drift away and call it all kinds of nice names to mask the smell of our sin. Please read.

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  1. iamme permalink
    June 2, 2011 9:28 am

    What is the difference between a “saved person” and an “unsaved person”? A saved person is most likely a hyprocrite!!! Always praising The Lord, always saying the “right” thing to the “right” person at the ight time. An unsaved person doesn’t play games, they DO NOT proclaim to “know” The Lord, and then physically and or emotionally ABUSE their spouse and or children!!!! IF YOU PROCLAIM TO BE A GOLDY (CHRIST FOLLOWER) PERSON THEN BE ONE!!!!!!!!!! Christians act like it is soooooo hard!!!!! IF you truly love God WHY is it sooooo hard ???????? Fear Him, respect Him !!!!! HE DESERVES IT !!!!!! Grow up and be the GODLY PERSON THAT YOU PROCLAIM TO BE OR SIT DOWN AD SHUT UP !! Peole know that YOU are a FAKE and more damaging to you, GOD KNOWS !

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