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Back from the blogging break…

May 17, 2011

Confession: I needed a break from more than blogging. My life up until last Wednesday had been a little stressful. And let me say… there are lots of people in the world who need a break more than me. So I want to start off by saying that I am blessed with the ability to just shut down.

Taking a break from blogging has let me gain a little more focus. Both on life in the real world and life online.

Truth is, online life… as much as it is a large part of me, could disappear and I would be fine.

Breaking from life let me pray and more than that… listen to what God wanted to say to me.

Last week was not about me or my ministry, but about where God wanted me to grow. I really felt pressed about certain priorities.

I actually feel like I can breathe.

Thanks for sticking around and reading. I hope to write for as long as people will read.

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