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Please Be Serious

May 18, 2011

Ministry is easy in the end. How you ask? Well, when you rely on God to save and restore then the weight of having to produce results isn’t on your back. I say that to say, in spite of knowing God does all the work ultimately, I believe in still giving your all in an attempt to be the tool that God uses to spread the Gospel.

I get the awesome privilege of sharing the Gospel with people. Not because I am a pastor or work with students, but because I have been saved by Christ work on the cross I get to share that fact with others. And if I could ask people one question, I would have to sort through lots first, but I think I would come to this:

Are you being serious about your spiritual life. Have you thought about how you are sinner? Have you thought about how hell is a real place, and it is the end for those who are not saved by God. Has your heart been drawn to God?

How you answer those thoughts really speak volume about how your spiritual life is doing.

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