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Sunday Night Thoughts

April 17, 2011

I do this for me just as much as I hope you enjoy and comment at the end.

  • I think my wife is perfect for me.
  • Doppelganger is my new favorite word.
  • How I Met Your Mother is quickly becoming one of my favorite all time shows.
  • My basketball team finished 5-4. Now for playoffs.
  • I have been cutting back my time online. Working for myself is taking more of that time.
  • If you consider yourself to be growing as a leader, remember to pray that God brings it to completion. Sometimes we think we are done growing in an area and really we don’t see God’s big picture.
  • Angry Birds. Love it! (I know I am late, but wow I am addicted.)
  • When we preach, we should preach the whole Bible. Not just the parts that make us feel good. I want to be challenged, don’t you?
  • Good Doctrine doesn’t change over the years. However, good doctrine should change you over the years. If you are not changing to be more like Christ, then you don’t know what you believe.
  • Who are you raising up? What future leader are you investing in?
  • Saying that theology bores you, is saying that God bores you. We don’t serve God to be entertained.
  • Who are you picking to win the Stanley Cup and the NBA Championship?
  • Go Bucs!

Thought this was good…

April 13, 2011

Being Righteous= being blessed? Is it guaranteed?

April 12, 2011


Mr. Dollar



I think before you answer the question in the title, is being righteous equal being blessed, I think you first must ask yourself is that statement Biblical? I have found the answer to that, to be yes. God blesses those who are righteous. He blesses those who are pursuing Him. Maybe I will create a list someday of how the Bible teaches that God blesses those who pursue relationship with Him.

It seems to be a popular idea, I mean, it is Biblical. It feels good. I mean who doesn’t want to be blessed and it seems as though through podcasts, books, TV, and many other forms of Christian communication there is an overall theme:

Be a moral (righteous) person and God will provide you with the life you always wanted. No stress, no money problems, a good marriage and obedient kids.

Where can I sign up? In fact, where can everyone sign up? If all I have to do is be a good person and I get what I want? Really?

Here is my concern with preaching the message above… both Christians, and non- Christians want to be blessed. Both want money, less stress, and good relationships. I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want these things. The problem with preaching this, IS IT IS NOT REALITY. (Yes it is available, but keep following me)

When a preacher, pastor, speaker, person on TV with $5000 dollar suit, preaches this message it rarely contains any information on how to deal with reality. What needs preached is the fact that God wants us to pursue Him, and no matter what happens to find Him as satisfying. We need to preach the whole Bible, not just the parts that will get people to raise their hands at the end of the service (you know the same 15 people who get saved every week)

Here is the facts, God promises the righteous to be blessed. But I am not so sure that is a guaranteed on earth. The names Peter, John the Baptist, Moses, and Stephen come to mind as I think through the Bible. All of those guys were pursing God. And in the end, it wasn’t pretty for them. Promising people that if they get their moral act together only pushes them towards white knuckled efforts to be a good person. It doesn’t teach them that no matter what the cost, we pursue Christ because HE IS WORTH IT.

Sunday Night Thoughts on Monday Night

April 11, 2011

I missed yesterdays post. I guess business gets the best of everyone sometimes.

I took a small social media break for the past few days. I didn’t miss it, and I know I was not missed. It is a good thing to shut down for a minute… when was the last time you shut it down?

God’s grace is the most beautiful thing the world has ever experienced.

To me, being on the verge of “proof texting” is proof texting. More on this later.

I hear people use the word “Gospel” that I think have no idea of what the word means.

I just bought Adele’s “21” album. Looking forward to listening to it 3 times before I judge if it is great or not.

I have times in life where I feel like I need to announce that I am a man, can make my own decisions, and have my own opinions… and that I am smart at the things I do. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I would like to have the time to write a book on why you should be “reformed.” Following reformed theology has increased my love for God and to give Him glory in my life.

You can’t preach that God will bless you if you are morally upright, if you are not going to explain that our reason for being moral as Christians is not to reap benefits, but to please Christ. And if we never, that we still  supposed to pursue righteousness. More on this later.

I started working on my rental house. Is anyone interested in seeing it? If I made a video would you watch it?

My wife is smarter than me. Thankful she married me. : )

You are Free

April 6, 2011

We have been talking about our identity in God for the past number of weeks in our Sunday morning services. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to speak. I talked about how our identity in God is that we are free from sin and alive to God. Romans 6 talks about this at length, that because we have been saved by Christ we are alive and free to resist sin and pursue God. But if you look at your life and as I look at mine… it seems we live in a tension.

That tension is that even though we are free from sin, how many times do you feel like you are being dominated by a particular sin? I know that I live there, and I think if you were honest, you would say the same thing. I think the key is remembering that YOU ARE FREE, if you are in Christ. And then comes our part that we actively play.

Being a Christian, empowered by the Holy Spirit, takes an effort. No one said that once God saved you, that you just stop sinning and turn into a mini Jesus. If you have been a Christian you know this is the case. I think it’s important that we know we have an active role to play. Paul uses terms like “stand firm,” “resist evil desires,” and “running the race.” We do play a part. I like what Matt Chandler calls it, “grace driven effort.”

Here are some themes that ran through out my sermon:

  • If you are struggling with the same sins that you did when you were first saved, you have a problem.
  • All sin, but especially our habitual sin, is awkward and ugly to God. It is also awkward and ugly to others. Just ask someone honest and close to you.
  • Jesus freed you from sin with his work on the cross. That doesn’t mean you keep on sinning because we now have grace.

Thanks for reading.


April 5, 2011

If you want to be good at something, I think it takes two things… see if you agree.

1. Practice

2. Prep

So today I am thinking about both. For the parts of my life that matter, how am I practicing to be better at them, and how can I prep in a more effective way?

For preaching, I am working on studying in advance, thinking 3 months ahead ( I used to think this was a dumb idea). I am also attempting to practice what I am going to say more than just a few times. This means preaching it 2 or 3 times before the day of.

For my business I recently created invoices for bids and billing. Makes things more professional. As far as practicing, I am just looking to slow down when I am working just a bit, and pay more attention to detail than I already do.

For what you do, I would be curious to know… how are you practicing, how are you prepping for what you do?


Sunday Night Thoughts

April 3, 2011

So you know what it is… I think that is a line from a hip hop song. Please embrace my inner thug coming out. : )

This June I will have been married 7 years. We both are still looking to love each other better.

The Gospel is too powerful for you to say that you love it and it not change you. If your life hasn’t changed since encountering the Gospel, then maybe you don’t understand it, or don’t really love it.

Thankful for God’s power when I preach. It has nothing to do with me, I am thankful that He uses me.

Who are you mentoring, helping or fathering if you are leader? We must be reproducing leaders. If you say reproducing yourself, then you think to highly of yourself.

Butler or Uconn? Who ya got?

My basketball team just broke a 4 game losing streak. Felt good to get a win.

Just want to say, thank you for reading this blog.

Talk to you later this week.