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Sunday Night Thoughts

May 1, 2011

I missed this last week. I was just lazy.

Next to glorifying God, being a husband is the most important God I have as a Christian. If you fail at that, then I would question how well your relationship with Christ is. Why such a strong statement? Because it’s what the Bible commands.

I am speaking at the end of the week at an event on the topic of: God’s plan for your life? To make much of Him.

It disappoints me when I hear stories of people hurting others.

For those who care… we won out first playoff game. On to the next round.

In a few weeks I am headed on my annual fishing trip. 5 days, nothing but fishing. Oh yeah.

I work with some of the coolest, best youth leaders. I really appreciate my team.

I would like to close with asking something of you. Earlier today I think my dog Moses had what I suspect was a seizure. There have been only a few times in my life where I was scared sick. This was one. His whole body started spasming, and who started breathing heavy and drooling, which he never does. So I know not every reader is a dog person, or would even understand the kind of bond you have with a dog. But I would appreciate if you said a prayer for Moses. I never thought I would be that person. But here I am, a little worried and praying myself that it doesn’t happen again or while I am at work. So think about it, and pray for Moses.

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