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Making Much of Him for the Weekend

April 22, 2011

Leave it to me to say something that no one will actually verbalize or write out.

This weekend we will celebrate what Christ did some 2000 years ago. Many will rejoice and make much of how the Father God sent His only Son to die for SINS. Our sins. Because we don’t have a choice, we were born this way… sinners.

As I look around, I see lots of sermons, small group studies, and books on shelves of Christian book stores on how to be a better you, have a better marriage, have your kids obey you, have a stress and anxiety free life. We make much of ourselves through out the whole year. Thinking of how we can use Christ to make our lives better. The funny thing is, is that He does make our lives better so it is easy to get caught in that thought.

But this one weekend, as a Church, we will make much of Christ! We will celebrate the cross and the resurrection. Hopefully we will recognize why Christ had to come, and let it change our lives… the fact that He did come.

But after Sunday, can I ask you a question? Will you continue to remember why Christ came? Will you make much of Christ after this Easter Sunday? I pray you do. I pray I do.

* This post was written about the CHURCH, as a whole, and not about one specific church. So please note that when you are about to make a comment/ judgment about this post. Thanks for reading.

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