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You are Free

April 6, 2011

We have been talking about our identity in God for the past number of weeks in our Sunday morning services. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to speak. I talked about how our identity in God is that we are free from sin and alive to God. Romans 6 talks about this at length, that because we have been saved by Christ we are alive and free to resist sin and pursue God. But if you look at your life and as I look at mine… it seems we live in a tension.

That tension is that even though we are free from sin, how many times do you feel like you are being dominated by a particular sin? I know that I live there, and I think if you were honest, you would say the same thing. I think the key is remembering that YOU ARE FREE, if you are in Christ. And then comes our part that we actively play.

Being a Christian, empowered by the Holy Spirit, takes an effort. No one said that once God saved you, that you just stop sinning and turn into a mini Jesus. If you have been a Christian you know this is the case. I think it’s important that we know we have an active role to play. Paul uses terms like “stand firm,” “resist evil desires,” and “running the race.” We do play a part. I like what Matt Chandler calls it, “grace driven effort.”

Here are some themes that ran through out my sermon:

  • If you are struggling with the same sins that you did when you were first saved, you have a problem.
  • All sin, but especially our habitual sin, is awkward and ugly to God. It is also awkward and ugly to others. Just ask someone honest and close to you.
  • Jesus freed you from sin with his work on the cross. That doesn’t mean you keep on sinning because we now have grace.

Thanks for reading.

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