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Sunday Night Thoughts

March 20, 2011

I have not had much blogging energy this past week. When you want to write clearly you need time and focus, both of which ended for me after Wednesday of this past week. I hope this week is better…

My wife is amazing. And I mean that… I am not some dude who just says it because it gets me points.

My posts on prostitutes and pastors came out well, I will finish up my thoughts this week. I need to clearly communicate what I am thinking. Look for parts 3 and possibly 4 soon.

My basketball team is on a losing streak. 3 loses in a row stinks. And in another note… Pitt chokes in march. It breaks my heart.

There are lots of little boys that can shave, that doesn’t mean they are men. We really need to help this next generation of Christian males be the men God has called them to be.

Coolest thing this morning: Someone gave me 2 tickets to see U2 this summer in Pittsburgh! WOW! So cool!

There are people who do things and are unappreciated. We need to focus on these people and make sure they are happy and know that we are grateful for them.

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