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Prostitutes and Pastors… p2

March 16, 2011

This is part 2 of a series of posts that I am doing on comparing prostitution to coaching and pastoring. You can read the first post by clicking on this link.

I think before I go on giving my opinion on the topic of coaching networks, and street workers I think I should give some definition to how I see each group. Now again, keep in mind that these are my opinions and that they will be my definitions. At the end I would love to see how you would define these groups of people. Let’s take a moment and define the 3 groups of those involved.

1. The coach- This is the person who leads the coaching. Most often happens to be afflicted with a network or denomination. Charges money for their time and expertise. A coach is there to ask the right questions, put into place strategic planning and guide “players” or the person paying for the coaching in the right direction. Positive thought: Find the right coaching network or personal coach and you will go far. Negative thought: Everyone in their mom is a coach these days. Along with that, they are whoring out their time to young leaders for money under the idea of “I have been doing this longer i.e. I am smarter than you.” Concern: After a coach is done being paid, are they actually concerned with what their player does, if it does not benefit them?

2. The person or group being coached- This person I think tends to be younger in age and experience. It has been my thought that these people don’t have anyone in their life who has fathered them spiritually, so in turn they go looking for a solution to their longing to be fathered, mentored and coached. They turn to the coach they can afford or that their church budget can afford and hope that in the end they get the results they want. Positive thought: Being coached helps with things like planning, how to deal with conflict, and things like how to handle your time. Negative thought: Young leaders are looking for the quick fix to their problems. Not wanting to put the time and effort in to ministry, we pick a model we like and follow that coach. Concern: It’s quite possible there will be a generation of Christian leaders who, like drug addicts, are just looking for a quick fix to keep them going through ministry.

3. Prostitutes or street worker- This is a person who sells what little they have to people who are looking for a sense of excitement or comfort. They work the streets (or social networking sites) looking for those who are willing to pay some money for a short term thrill. Positive thought: There are none. Negative thought: The provide a short term fix for those who can’t get “some” on their own. Concern: They spread disease, break up relationships, and keep relationship growth from happening.

*How would you define these three groups. I would even add a 4th to this, that being the people who are taught by those being coached. Do they actually benefit. Or can they see that certain people after they are coached just turn into clones? Does it benefit those people?


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  1. Benjamin Davis permalink*
    March 16, 2011 2:58 pm

    Seems like people are not understanding this. So… let’s let me write the rest and then we can all check back. Sound good?

    Cool. Thanks.

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