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Sunday Night Thoughts

March 13, 2011

I hope to write about a number of these things that I am about to say at more length later this week. Let me know if you would be interested.


I try not to be that guy that says things like “My wife is the only women for me” because if you are a Christian then I think you can love any spouse and it work out. But I do think Abbie is it for me, she is the best!

Brushing over harder theology in the Bible to get to things that make people feel good  only tickles people’s ears.

Lying has never benefited anyone.

It takes no more effort to be polite to someone than it does to be crabby to them.

If you are Christian and lead something… your one goal should be: Glorify Christ.

I am going to write a post on pastors, prostitutes, and a new and emerging method of spiritual father-ship. We are in monumental trouble I think. Interesting in reading?

For those that follow… We are 2-2 so far this season. I actually will post about this later this week also.

Sometimes change is the best thing for an organization.

What do you do if you know you have a log in your eye, but can still see a log in another persons  eye? Answer: GRACE.

Best post I read this week :

Who is/ was a better communicator: Rob Bell or Jesus Christ? // I thought I would avoid posting on this topic, meaning Mr. Bell in general, but we need to consider who we are following. I fear there is a great number of young pastors growing up looking to add something to the Gospel… which in turn would not be the Gospel.

3 questions to end with:

  1. Who do you have winning March Madness?
  2. Do you bet on your bracket/ brackets?
  3. Are you a homer ( a person who roots for their home team)?


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  1. March 13, 2011 11:13 pm

    and here I thought I had the best blog post of the week?!? lol… but seriously I am looking forward to reading the Pastor, Prostitutes and the new/emerging Spiritual Fathership…

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