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Parable of the Weeds

March 9, 2011

In our students ministry right now we are in the middle of a 5 week series on the parables of Jesus. This weeks parable is the story of the wheat and weeds in found in Matt 13. One of the biggest reasons we wanted to cover some of the parables that Jesus taught, was to show that Jesus was in fact God. There are many out there who think Jesus was a good man, a good teacher, possibly a prophet, but in looking at these parables you will see that Jesus is in fact God. He both claims and embraces this truth.

In Matt 13 we see Jesus telling a number of stories, and later explaining them. Most are simple to understand, but for some people back then they did not seem to understand what was being taught. In the story where the farmer plants the seed and then an enemy comes and plants weeds, we see a picture of what God is doing and the devil trying to destroy it. In this parable we see the workers come to the farmer and ask if they should pull the weeds while they are not fully grown.The farmer tells them to wait till they can actually tell the difference between wheat and weeds.

What happens next in the story I would imagine would be wildly unpopular. Jesus goes on to tell the disciples that there will be a day where the weeds will be thrown into hell, and the good wheat will be harvested and taken to heaven. For those that might not understand this and have not taken the time to read the story in Matt 13, both weeds and wheat are people. We all live here on earth together but there will be a day when we part and go different ways. God sees, has control of, and knows the outcome of this situation. But it does bring to light a few thoughts that should make people think.

The questions to ask yourself after reading Christ’s words are these:

  • What type of seed am I?
  • Am I the wheat or am I the weeds?
  • How do I know I know which type of seed I am?
  • Is God really going to end things like that?
  • Does He really throw people into hell?

Praying that God answers these questions in our student ministry.

*We don’t talk about hell in your student ministry to scare students, but to talk about the whole truth of the Bible in hopes that it leads to them digging deeper into Christ.*

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