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Sunday Night Thoughts

March 7, 2011

I was totally going to skip this post this week because earlier, but because I can’t sleep and I am up doing nothing I thought I would post it…

I would not be able to go through life without my other half. Abbie is wonderful day in and day out.

Business is slow this week. No work and no work coming up for months. Praying God comes through.

Does anyone read any construction blogs? I have always thought about doing one.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and let things go… (someone put that on a coffee mug and make some money)

Our world does not understand truth. As Christians we need to lovingly show and live out the truth that we know.

Just because a person in a preacher on TV doesn’t mean they are legit. Do your homework, find out who you are listening to.

I meet with a group of youth pastors every month for lunch, I am looking forward to that meeting tomorrow.

We lost our first basketball game in our league. Can’t win them all.

Praying that my students would love Christ.

Ok, with one week before they pick the teams for March Maddness, who will win the whole thing at the beginning of April?


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