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Who are your Influences?

March 2, 2011

As a young leader I try to make every attempt at bettering myself to be a better me. The better leader that I am, the better my team will be, and our team will attract better leaders. Do this long enough and eventually I won’t be the best, which is the ultimate goal: More leaders= reaching more people.

When looking to grow your leadership both for an organization and personally we look to different ways of learning or gleaning information. There are a number of things that help me grow and I thought I would share what I am looking for in each one. It’s one thing to learn, it’s another to know what you are learning from.

Here is what I am looking for/ to while looking to learn to be a better leader…

Books– When it comes to learning from books I am looking for two things. One, that the book has stood the test of time and lots of people recommend it. Older books are better than the books that these new authors push out just because their publisher signed them to a three year deal. Two, I look for authors that have been doing whatever it is they do for a long time. I want to learn from people who have been tested, tried and have come through lots of different circumstances.

People- I am looking to learn from people who have worked hard for what they have accomplished. I am not a fan of the leader that just fell into success, or had something handed to them that was already working. To me they are more managers that leaders. I want to follow and learn from guys who have taken nothing and with God’s help, have made an impact. On top of that, I try to follow people that are already doing what I am doing. An example would be, I want to hear from, and learn from other pastors who are doing ministry in the inner city.

Circumstances- From time to time life doesn’t go as planned. People fail you over and over… you fail people over and over. There are a few ways a person can learn from circumstances, and without having time to go into all of them, I will just say that I try to look back on history to learn from mistakes… while making sure I am moving forward with my life. There is no pausing life, there is only moving forward towards your goal or you are moving backwards to wallow in your history. I want to learn from my circumstances so that I am moving forward.

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  1. Lauren permalink
    March 2, 2011 3:55 pm

    I love your use of the word gleaning and you should read C.S. Lewis’ article entitled “On the Reading of Old Books.” Talks about how to read ideas from the original source, ect.

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