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Words from my Grandfather

February 15, 2011

There are many of you know that last week, my grandmother went to be with her maker. She was truly a wonderful person, and more than that she was an incredible Christian. I know that she will be missed greatly, but take comfort in the fact that she is in heaven.

This blog is about many things. One of the things I have tried to do is give you a glimpse into the world that I live in, and maybe you can somehow take part in the experiences that I happen to be going through. The passing of Grandma Betty really has put a few thing into perspective…

At the service last week, I was asked to read some thoughts that my Pa had on my grandmother’s passing. Here is what he wrote, and the hope that he was holding onto last week and I am sure in the coming future.

Death for the Christian is not the end of life, but a new beginning. Rather than something
to be feared, it is the transition to a fuller life. Death for the believer is a release from the
troubles of this world and an earthly body in order to be clothed with heavenly life and

Paul talks about physical death as sleep, implying that death is rest from earthly labor
and suffering. It means going to be with our Godly ancestors who have died before us
and a door into the presence of the living God.

The death of the Godly is precious in the sight of the Lord. It is an entrance into peace
and to glory. Heave is like a home; a haven of rest and security.


I John 3:2-3 and Thessalonians 4:13-18.

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