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Sunday Night Thoughts

January 30, 2011

Do you enjoy reading what is on my mind?

  • Have you ever felt like God told you to do something and then, it didn’t seem to work out how you thought it would? Thankful I don’t have to make results.
  • I am watching God bring glory to Himself by changing people’s lives in our student ministry.
  • God knows what you need… trust me He does.
  • WILL YOU PLEASE STOP GOSSIPING!?! (Honestly, if you read this and know you gossip, listen… I know it makes you feel good or whatever… but it really makes you look and sound immature)
  • If I told you my closet was color coded would you believe me?
  • Been listening to lots of Muse lately. What have you been listening to?
  • If you are a pastor… here is a question for you… how many non Christian friends do you have and interact with on a weekly basis?
  • Avoiding inevitable hard conversations just makes those conversations that much harder.
  • There is an epidemic of little boys who can shave. It’s time to grow up boys and start being men.
  • Our offer on a rental property got rejected. Going to try again this week I think.
  • If you are married, what are you doing to your wife on Valentines Day? Better yet, if your a guy in general and like a specific girl, what are you going to do this upcoming Feb. 14th?
  • I love my wife. Praying that God makes me a better husband.


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