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You Have Value

January 25, 2011

One of the hardest things to do in life is understand that God wants a relationship with you. He wants it so much that He sent Jesus Christ to earth to make a way for this to happen. I talk to many people, both Christian and non- Christian, who struggle to understand this.

I think we struggle to understand this because for one reason or another we think we have to be “good” before we can be loved or valued. This idea comes from many things, things like the culture around us to religious establishments. After having the “be good and you’ll be loved or valued” burned into our brains it’s hard to think that a perfect God would want to have a relationship with imperfect people.

But that is what the Gospel is all about. God values you so he sent Jesus to take care of your filth and sin, and make you clean before the eyes of God. If we are essentially lost and doomed to find a horrible end, Christ comes and finds us.

Luke 15: 1-10 is where Jesus gives the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. In both cases the owner leaves everything to find what is lost. Why? Because the lost item has value. We are that lost item.

So today maybe think about this: The Gospel shows you that you have value. Christ came to seek and save lost people… The Gospel shows me that on my best day I am still lost without Christ.

I hope you take time to read Luke 15 via the link above and see that you have value.

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