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Prosperity Gospel- Are you buying it?

January 16, 2011

Came across this video. Lots of people watch lots the people at the beginning of this clip. The question is, who are you trying to make much of? Christ or you? Now before you answer that, the right answer should be Christ, but if you are following the people at the beginning of the video I would ask you to rethink what it is you are all about.

I know this might be tough for some, but it really is important that you know what Gospel you are following.

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  1. January 17, 2011 2:34 am

    Interesting video. It is hard to break down though because you are not dealing with the Prosperity Gospel but instead a mix of different interpretations from the African-American churches, to Charismatic, to semi-Evangelical. Also, whoever put it together seems to cherry-pick quite nicely which will make anything look outrageous. Cherry-picking never reveals the full context of what people are actually saying but instead create fodder for the people arguing against.
    With that said, yes, there are many issues with the Biblical context of some of those in the video and then there are some that you can see where they are coming from but you simply agree to disagree.
    The coupling of the prosperity gospel and Matt Chandler was disappointing and really hardly a comparison at all. If we are to get nitpicky about money, then should we start asking how much Driscoll’s wardrobe costs, how much his house is, etc.? Chandler was dealing with a different situation also. This type of video creates a sentimental product that really is made to damn one side while lifting up the other.

  2. January 17, 2011 9:23 am

    Interesting video to say the least. Its ironic that you would post something like this because I have been having the same conversation with someone about faith. I am processing a thesis if you will on faith, for my blog and then possibly for a book.

    I have seen both sides, I know, and grew up with numerous people from the “Word of Faith” movement.

    I have worked with other ministers who had to uncover every stone and rock before they stepped out in “faith.” so practical that it seems they move in more knowledge than faith.

    I feel that there is some type of middle ground were both work. I love Matt Chandler’s attitude. Esp the verse from Daniel. Very key scripture.

    I’ll send you some of my thoughts on faith once they get processed more.

    Keep the conversation going myh friend.

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