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Sunday Night Thoughts

January 9, 2011

If you are new to my blog, this is how this goes… I list a number of things that have been on my mind over the past week and then if you feel like it, at the end leave your thoughts. Let’s go!

I watched some of all 4 football games this past weekend. My picks to win the Superbowl are in this order: Pats, Steelers, Green Bay, or Atlanta.

I hope to write a post on why I think I am a Calvinist and why it matters.

I walked into this church after their service today and the vibe was good. People talking with each other, people praying for each other… real spiritual community. Very proud of the job my friend Rich is doing.

Prayer works! Prayed with a guy for a job last week, he got work this past week! Jesus Christ FTW! So cool!

The first book I will read this year is The REASON for GOD by Timothy Keller. So far… very good. Keller is the man.

About to go in on a deal this week which would make me a landlord. Hope all works out.

I had this thought: We need better men in the Church. // Maybe we should have a “How to be a better man weekend.” If this happened… would you come?

Harboring un-forgiveness in your heart is killing you. I know, because I have seen it’s effects on me.

Random: Every time someone thinks I voted for Obama, they have made me feel like I am going to hell. And they don’t even know if I voted for him or not! So shameful and dumb.

The Gospel works. Preach anything else and you will be fighting a battle that you really don’t have to when you are preaching.

My wife… I love her very much.

Name your favorite drink right now: Mine is Mountain Dew in a ice cold can.

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