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Monday Thoughts

December 20, 2010

Been a few days, let’s start this week off right.

I spent this weekend at a wedding for my cousin and his beautiful bride. It really took me back to my wedding. My wife and I were very young like my cousin and his wife, and like them or like us… When you know you have something good you hold on to it. I love my wife.

People are watching me and watching you as a leader. How we lead has a bigger impact on things than we think. Sounds obvious but when was the last time you (leader) realized that fact?

Give a ways, specials and things like these are nice… but do they really help with someone coming to Christ? Shouldn’t we more excited about Christ and His good news? I wish the CHURCH (that’s church in general) would be more excited about what it’s all about.

You as a Christian can never move past the cross of Christ and into some sort of special spiritual zone, everyone stops and kneels at the cross. There is no getting up from that spot, there is no leaning against the cross and there is no standing by the cross and telling others they need it while you act like you don’t. We all need God’s grace.

Understanding theology is important. If you don’t understand God, His plan with Christ then the Holy Spirit can’t ignite your heart towards Him. People who  say that theology is boring, or lame or it puts them to sleep might need to check who or what it is they are following.

Here is a thought: How do leaders go about talking about what they are learning, how they are being corrected, and what God is challenging them with? I struggle with this at times and I think I am going to try and tackle it soon, but there has to be a way to be transparent, honest and not be arrogant all at the same time. Thoughts?

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  1. December 21, 2010 8:43 am

    Pastor Matt Kaltenberger at Grace Community Church in Cranberry is really good at being transparent without being arrogant. if you check out, they’ve got some of the recent sermons in podcast form.

  2. Benjamin Davis permalink*
    December 21, 2010 10:58 pm

    Rodger I will check him out bro, thanks for the tip. Merry Christmas!

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