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1 of 3 Visions

December 15, 2010

Having spent that past number of years in ministry I have noticed a trend in how people involve themselves in a ministry or organization.

As leaders we are always looking for people to join with us in the cause of Christ. As a pastor we hate to see people just filling spots in pews or chairs but want to see them understanding the Gospel and joining in how our individual churches spread the good news of Christ. But finding people who join with you for the right reasons are key to success or longevity. Here are three ways I see people joining in ministry or a “do good” organization…

1. Out of obligation- They see what everyone else is doing and think they have to do their duty. They come, put their time in and feel like they are full filling a need. And although they are helping, often it is only a matter of time before “something comes up” and they stop. It’s either that or they will do their duty for an elongated period of time and then look towards “retirement” where they will be looking for someone younger to fill their shoes, because they have been doing it too long and it’s time for them to take a break… forever.

2. They want to be seen- Aka, pride. Do I need to go on? These people serve because they enjoy the position, title, attention or something like that. Most of the time they only do one thing, don’t talk to anyone else outside of their thing and have major egos. Most likely if you asked them to serve in something they isn’t “their thing” they wouldn’t. And can you blame them? They are awesomely talented at what they do. (Said with lots of sarcasm) The truth is all people, because we are sinners and because of that we have people who join churches, teams and organizations to flaunt their stuff. Someone needs to tell them their stuff stinks.

3. They understand the core vision– They have joined and want to see whatever they are working at succeed no matter the cost and they do it with pure hearts. If they are a Christian, they are driven by the Gospel, with the understanding that they themselves have been saved by God. They will do what is asked, they serve with grateful hearts, loving to glorify Christ in everything they do. These are the people I want on my team, this is the kind of person I want to be.

Thoughts? Am I right? Too Harsh?

* Look I am not an expert, so if you are gonna disagree don’t be all in a fuss when you do. Thanks.

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