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What kind of blog reader are you?

November 8, 2010

I have said this before and I still think it’s funny, but every now and again I hear someone say that blogging is fading away. The reason that is funny is because blogging has never been more popular. In fact, if you watch closely, blogs start other blogs. It’s amazing!

There are lots of blog types out there, and maybe we can go over those another day, but today I was thinking of the type of blog readers there are. Almost every blogger I read I think is trying to make his or her blog an online community. Having a community means that the people reading are actively involved. But there are many other types of blog “readers.” Let’s cover a few

Active community member– This person comments repeatably during the day. Checks the blogs they read daily or every other day and takes part in the conversation. They also take it a step farther and pimp the blogs they like on Facebook and Twitter.

Casual Reader– Will check their blog reader a few times a week. If something they come across peeks their interest they will leave a comment.

Quiet reader– All they do is read. The only way you know they exist is because of your stats and sometimes if you are lucky they might mention to you in person that they read. I tend to have a bunch of these types.

The hurt or ticked off reader– This person searches blogs to find things that are wrong in the world. They have been hurt and for some reason go in search of finding something else to complain about. Usually leave negative questions, masking it by telling people they are into conversation, when really they are looking for a place to vent.

Creeper Reader– They read, but only to make sure you are not saying something you shouldn’t. They would never admit they read your blog, never promote it,but don’t like it when you say something strong or say something about something they are involved with.

* I have people in my life who read, never comment, and are there to call me out on my stuff if I write something that might be out of line. I am so thankful for them and appreciate that they correct in private and not publicly.*

What kind of reader are you? What kinds of readers am I missing?

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  1. November 9, 2010 10:04 am

    Haha I guess I am a quiet reader. I read your posts on my rss. I don’t really have the time to comment on posts and engage in discussion on a regular basis. Blogs are more like my Facebook news feed. I read to get a feel for what my friends are thinking, how they’re doing.

    • Benjamin Davis permalink*
      November 9, 2010 6:56 pm

      Grace haha I knew you were out there! I am glad you read it and consider me a friend! Hope all is well.

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