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Influenced by Friends

November 6, 2010

Someone famous once said that if you show them your friends they will show you where you are headed … or something to that effect. I hate that quote (so much I didn’t use quotation marks) but it does echo a theme that is true. Who we surround ourselves with really determines what we do and where we are going.

I talked about this subject this past Wednesday at youth group, that who you hang out with determines how far you go with God. As I see it, there are really three things that will make your relationship with Christ grow:

  1. God- after all He does give you the gift of faith to believe in Him
  2. Your obedience- After God decides to save you, you then have some responsibility to make right choices and pursue Him
  3. Your friends or company you keep- we are a people that are influenced by people. It’s just nature.

So after the first two the only thing standing between you and you understanding the cross in a deeper way is your friends. Think about this, any time you ever have done something wrong… who were you with? Most likely you do a lot of sinning with other people.  And if you were like me, no one is saying “Hey I am going to smoke this, but I don’t think you should.” Make sense?

Here is a Biblical truth: Bad company with corrupt good morals.

Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with those who will push you towards Christ. It just works out better in the long run.

Peace. Leave a thought or two.

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