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Monday Morning Thoughts

November 1, 2010

We really should start this week off right, shouldn’t we?

I think that my life is great! Can I say that? Really thankful lately for how good God is to me.

Tomorrow is election day… as usual it will be historic… go vote.

Halloween was last night. Were you one of those Christians that gets all tense about even just the word Halloween?

Our church always does a big outreach on Halloween, it’s great to see and meet hundreds of people from our community.

Reformed Theology is growing rapidly. Please don’t jump on the bandwagon because it’s cool right now.

We are wanting to move from where we live to an area that is far worse than we live now. Same city though. Pray it works out.

Heard a great message on worry yesterday. Thankful I don’t worry about much.

I stopped my Twitter feed from going to my Facebook page. (In a attempt to be more wise, if you know what I mean.)

Did anyone watch baseball yesterday?

If you are reading Christian book in place of the Bible, you are gonna be in trouble. And yes, people do this.

Stay Christ centered this week in all you do.



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