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Who You Were Meant To Be

October 6, 2010

Society pushes people to be so many things. Would you agree? Our world pushes us to be women who are better looking than the year before and men who are so manly you can literally see testosterone pouring out of their foreheads. We are being pushed to be younger, skinnier, hotter and more sexy than the person to our right.

Normally I am against writing posts about “self.” As a pastor sometimes I feel like I have been reduced to a “self-help guru.” People come to you with problems that have to do with everything BUT their relationship with Christ. I would rather talk about how your relationship with Christ is poor therefore your perspective is poor on everything else is awful and ruining your life.

So with all that said I think today I just want to say… Be You.

Now I don’t mean “I’m a do me” type of thing. Because I think people who say that are morons. But there is a way that God has designed you, made you, given you abilities to be who he made you to be. So do it, be who God made you to be.

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