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Sunday Night Rundown

October 3, 2010

Last week we missed this. Let’s try to make up for it. By the way, I love for you to leave a list of things that are on your mind.

  • My marriage is wonderful, I love my wife.
  • Every man needs to learn to be a MAN. And when I say that, I don’t mean have big muscles, spit on the ground and have facial hair. I mean, grow up, get a job, get married, respect others, don’t talk about others behind their back, treat your wife and kids good. And I know not everyone can do each of these things, but we should be working towards it I think.
  • I won my fantasy football game this week… this does not make me more of a man.
  • I HATE it when I find out someone has been talking about me behind my back.
  • I might be doing youth ministry wrong, I quoted Martin Luther in a sermon to teens.
  • Let’s call Church, Church. If you hide who you are, you are NOT who you want to be… in the end you are just confused.
  • The past week was good for business. The next two promise to be good too.
  • Our students are the BEST students ever! I love doing ministry where I am.
  • Watched part of The Event on NBC, it was like Lost and 24 had a illegitimate child. Horrible.
  • My boss is a wonderful preacher. The past 8 sermons have been sooo good.
  • Would love to hear your thoughts on my post on Mentoring this past week.
  • Keep Christ central in everything.
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