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Beginning to Understanding God p2

September 24, 2010

We are currently doing a series on the Trinity, understanding that God is 3 distinct persons in one. The first week we covered that there is such as a thing as the Trinity and briefly explained what that meant. But for the majority of the first week I taught about God the Father. If you would like you can check that post here.

This past Wednesday we talked about God the Son, meaning Jesus Christ. There are lots of opinions on who exactly Jesus Christ was. In fact just the other day I sat down with a customer that disagreed with me on the fact that I believe Jesus to be God. And really this is where Christianity separates it’s self from all other religions.

Jesus was not a good teacher, just a nice person, prophet or some weird Holy man. He was God. He claimed it, and proved it through out His life. More than that, the Bible claims Jesus as God through out and never differs from this fact. He was 100% God and 100% man and did that perfectly.

But for those who have grown up with any kind of Church background that is not new. Even for those who have no background in Christianity chances are they still may have heard that. So we took a look at Col 1:15-21

The passage explains a few points

  • He, meaning Christ, is the image of the invisible God. Look at Him and see God.
  • Christ was there before time, created everything, and holds it together.
  • All the fullness of God was on Christ.
  • You are a sinner and do evil deeds.
  • Christ has reconciled you back to Him through His redemptive work on the cross.
  • He presents you blameless and holy before God.

This passage is one of my favorite because it explains the Gospel so well. Jesus being God died for us. It was , and is and will continue to be the most important thing Jesus has done.

This message has the ability to give life, reject it and it remains the same, but has a different outcome in the end for you.

I will leave you with this today. I just shared with you the best news possible, that Jesus Christ the Son of God who was God, saved you from Hell and eternal torment and saved you to an all satisfying relationship with God. The only way to make sure that this happens is to confess before men that you believe Christ and let your life show that statement. When you do that, Christ confesses that He knows you to God. If you never come to that confession then Christ will not confess you to God the Father and it goes bad for you in the end.

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