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History Repeats

August 31, 2010

We all know that if we are to look at history, we can see it repeating itself over and over. Yes it looks different in terms of exacts, but for the most part history will repeat its self.

When it comes to church and church history, what is being repeated over and over? What are the problems that we are having that seem to never go away? To some extent we will always have problems in the church, after all, Christ who is at the center of the Church is in the business of saving lost and messy people. But what mistakes can we avoid from looking at history?

Next week will mark my 1 year anniversary working at Sharpsburg Family Worship Center. In the past year I have made some mistakes and somethings have gone well. My thought is,headed into this next year, will history repeat itself? If I am making the same preaching mistakes, the same leadership mistakes as I did a year ago then we will have a problem. Same goes for your church, if your church has a 20 year history of making for leadership decisions then chances are things are not going to get better.

We must learn from history. Even though this past year was good for our student ministry, I am choosing to learn from it. Look at history, where can you see it repeating itself.

If history is repeating itself in a negative way then avoid those places at all costs… it won’t be getting better.

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