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5 Reasons to Blog

August 19, 2010

I listen to the same morning radio station in the morning. Almost religiously, and no, it is not the Christian station. For a number of years they have consistently made fun of people who are blogging. And even though they might be a sense of “blogging isn’t for us, we are too old” you can tell they recognize that blogs matter. They are a major part of “new media” if you will.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should blog…

  1. Blogging will add to your voice. You are already saying something with your life and with your words. Blogging will only add to your voice. Remember it doesn’t give you a voice but rather makes your voice louder. Can me a good thing or a bad thing. But none the less, its louder.
  2. Blogging will help you create a community. We are coming to a day and age where there are a lot of people who live behind a computer screen. And whether you want to or not you will be a part of a community. Why not create your own?
  3. Blogging helps sort/ track your thoughts. I know for me I like to get ideas out there and decided whether or not I am going to pursue them. I also like to know what I was thinking two years ago. It’s a great way to make to clear your mind and organize your thoughts.
  4. Blogging is another way of communicating. It’s 2010 and there are millions of people pushing ideas. We all receive information from multiple outlets. The Internet, Radio, TV, Billboards, Mail, are all ways we receive information. Blogs are becoming a big way that some are learning and receiving new information. If your organization is struggling to communicate, maybe you should be blogging.
  5. Blogging keeps you thinking. I find the more I write the more I think. The more blogs I read, the more I think. Thinking= Learning. Stop thinking, you will stop learning.

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