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Monday Lists

July 26, 2010

I think I like to write these for two reasons:

1. It helps me start my week, and to begin thinking about what I might write about later on this week.

2. I like to say things that are going to make people think, and maybe stop back to check out if I talked about a particular subject again.

Here we go!

  • I love that my wife is a teacher. She is so much smarter than me. Love her so much.
  • Ted Haggard has recently started a new church. Does it make him more of a regular guy if he says “hell” in a non biblical sentence? Ted… your not cool.
  • I took the day off today… I have been completely exhausted. I need to learn to trust God more.
  • Being late, if you have almost zero responsibilities, should never happen. If you do have responsibilities, well then, maybe you should get a pass, but not likely.
  • I think we worship Christian Culture and its Celebrities. Shame on us.
  • I am friends with a student on Facebook who worships his church. God protect his heart.
  • I am always amazed at how poorly people do social media. Learn it, and then do it well. Otherwise get left behind… or have no influence.
  • A few months ago Benny Hinn’s wife filed for divorce. He said it came as a complete shock to him and his kids. This weekend it was reported that he was having an affair. Amazing. (Insert joke here)
  • Question: Is the Church focusing too much on creativity? Are we putting too much emphasis on creativity and not enough on the Gospel?
  • Your pride shows through in everything that you do. It’s a fact. Be humble.
  • No one likes it when you don’t feed into their drama. But the truth is, its better for that person.
  • If you asked someone who is in leadership at your church that they were not in charge over that ministry, would they leave your church? The answer to that question should tell you whether or not they should be leading that particular ministry. Agree or disagree?

Wanna ask me anything? Go ahead.

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