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Creator vs. Creation p2

July 8, 2010

Yesterday I talked about how as humans we are always going to pursue creation over the creator. If you want you can peep that post here.

There are a lot of people that think, that if they are”good” then God will reward their good behavior with a great life. When this happens people fall into the thinking that they can almost put God into their debt. That if they act right, have enough faith, and sprinkle some magic pixie dust God will do whatever it is they want Him to do.

When you begin to worship God’s creation or worship God for what He creates you are not worshiping God but, are setting yourself up for a major problem down the road. The problem with worshiping God for His creation here on earth is that it is going to go away. Stuff is only going to be here temporarily. Whenever we serve, worship, or love God for something that He gives, it makes Him into a sugar daddy.

If you serve God for what He can do, you really don’t love God, you love what He does. The problem is, is that at some point God is not going to do what you want and your faith is going to be rocked because your view of God is twisted.

But if we find God as all satisfying, no matter what he creates or doesn’t create, our faith becomes mature and solid.


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