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The Young and Reformed

June 24, 2010

I have been watching Paul Washer here and there. Seems to be solid. I like what he had to say in this video to the young reformed theologians and pastors.

I have really enjoyed this season in my life for the past year of discovering how good reformed theology is. But I do see it’s flaws. Here are a few that I see, tell me what you think.

  • Knowledge puffs up, reformed guys are almost always pegged as arrogant.
  • Wanting people to understand Biblical truth should be the passion of every Christian, especially pastors and leaders, but in trying to get people to see what the Bible says; the young reformed come off as wanting to argue with everyone.
  • While reformed preachers seek truth, they often forget about the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and what He does in our everyday life.

Would you add any to this list? Go ahead now is your chance to lay into reformed theology, I would be down for some quality discussion.

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  1. Jessica Seachrist permalink
    June 24, 2010 10:55 pm

    My question is what is the motivation of the heart? I do wonder…do the theologins that only seem to want to argue actually care about the gospel of Christ transforming and changing hearts and lives, or do they just want to be “right” and “knowledgeable”? To hunger and thirst for greater understanding of the Bible and the character of God is a righteous thing. I believe we fall short of the abundant life and intimate relationship with God that God has available to each of us if the desire to intellectually grasp the Bible exceeds the desire for intimate relationship with God.

    • Benjamin Davis permalink*
      June 25, 2010 9:46 pm

      Jess I think good theologians want transformed lives and know that only through the Gospel will that happen.

      Not sure if I totally grasp the phrase “I believe we fall short of the abundant life and intimate relationship with God that God has available to each of us if the desire to intellectually grasp the Bible exceeds the desire for intimate relationship with God.”

      Maybe explain that a little more?

      • June 28, 2010 2:34 pm

        I like what Jess is saying but I think I am having the same question that you had Ben. Jess said that we fall short of an amazing relationship with God if we want to intellectually make sense of the Bible more than have an intimate relationship with God. I think in a lot of ways this statement is a false dichotomy. I think its dangerous to try to split up the pursuit of intellectually understanding the Bible/the Gospel and an intimate relationship with God. That would be like saying I want to know all the facts about my wife’s life, but I don’t want to hold her hand or look into her eyes. The desire to know the Bible and the desire for an intimate relationship with God should never be split up but should always go hand in hand for the true believer. A person can know all the intellectual truths about the Bible and not have the Spirit. People see right through that though. Also, someone can say he has an intimate relationship with God, but not understand how any of it works. He may still be a Christian, but his faith would be very shallow and may not be deeply rooted in Christ. This would be like desiring to be intimate with my wife in a very physical way, but at the same time not even know anything about her. True relationships, whether Divine or human, need knowledge. And by saying knowledge, intimacy should come to mind as well. You only truly study something to its deepest levels if you love and cherish it.

  2. Ben permalink
    June 24, 2010 11:48 pm

    Well said Ben. I am a strong advocate of the rhema of the Word of God, not extrabiblical, but revelatory. The more I talk to people who are getting deeper into Reformed Theology, the more they are turning towards things like sola scriptura, which is very dangerous. Without historical context to bring understanding on why certain scriptures were formed the way they were written, we run into the possibility of gross misinterpretation.

    It is weird how on one pendulum swing, you have the neo-Charismatics spoutin off about angels everywhere and on the other end Reformed Christians won’t even let women pastor.


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