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Surrounded by Leaders

June 22, 2010

One of the things I enjoy about being in a leadership position is the privilege of being on a team. There are not many things that I don’t enjoy about working with a group of people who are going after the same idea or problem.

Being in charge often puts you at the forefront of peoples attention when things go right. It also puts you at the forefront when things go wrong. Whether things under your leadership go good or bad, if you have a great team that is working with you, the good times will be great and the bad times won’t be so bad.

I said the other day that I tend to look at who is behind every great leader. Most often its another great leader. But if you look just a little deeper you will almost always find a group of people who are leaders, people who make things happen, people who you want on your team. When you are alone there is no one to celebrate wins with or talk about where things went south.

Your success in business or ministry will ride on the abilities of the team. Great leaders will surround themselves with people who are smarter, brighter and better leaders than them. I have tried where ever I have been to build solid teams, knowing that if I want to even think about being successful on some sort of larger scale, I have to have great leaders around me.

What are your thoughts? By the way, I love my team that is working with me right now! They are quality through and through!

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