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Playing Favorites

June 16, 2010

The beginning of James chapter 2 addresses this issue of playing favorites in the church. Apparently the church was having some problems when it came to playing favorites. I guess they were treating those with money better than those who didn’t.

James bluntly addresses the issue by pointing out that God has chosen even the poorest of people to  be heirs of His kingdom. James then points out that it doesn’t make sense to play favorites to the rich in the church because those are the people who are mistreating the church, dragging them into court and making fun of the name of Christ!

As I read the beginning of James 2 I can see how this is still being played out today. I can’t speak so much to pastors playing favorites to those who have money in their church, although I am sure it happens but I can speak to something that I think goes right along side with this subject.

As Christian leaders we play favorites to those who are doing well spiritually, that have gifts that will benefit our ministries and those who seem to be committing to us. Now some of this is going to be natural. I am naturally going to invest more in a person who is looking to me for help with their walk with Christ… make sense.

Where I think we get into trouble is when we tend to only talk to the people who are doing well, we only pay attention to those who are helping out, or we only pastor or lead those people we get along with.

As Christians we need to make a better effort to include all people, understanding that Christ died for all, loves all and did not play the favorite game when it came to saving lost souls. As leaders we need to watch that we don’t fall into the trap of showing partiality or favoritism.

Thoughts? Does James have it right? Did Jesus play favorites? (Trick question there haha)

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  1. Aaron Z permalink
    June 16, 2010 4:14 pm

    this is exactly what was going on at the church I used to go to. The people who were the giving the most and helping out seem to have way too much say into how everything was run.

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