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#Ignite2010 Main Session 3- Ron Johnson

June 10, 2010

Notes from Ron Johnson’s talk: Breaking Growth Barriers

Knowing what to do and when to do it= Success

You will sense the Holy Spirit telling you when and what to do.

Sometimes our best plans are not our best plans… aka they don’t always work out.

When God speaks  you a word, write it down… God does not forget what He says to you!

Job 8:5-7

Sometimes God sets you up in situations… if you are not careful you can miss it because You think it doesn’t fit you.

1. You must obey the Spirit of the Lord.

  • You can’t just show up and make it work. God has got to be in it.

2. When you hear from God, your circumstances might not look what He is saying to you. We are either going to live by what we see, or by what God says.

  • Listen to God’s plan. Plan on it. Does that makes sense?
  • When God calls a leader to a place He gives you the right wisdom and insight to make that thing coming to place. Learn to be obedient to what God is doing.

The secret to success is to pray and to obey.

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