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#Ignite2010 Main Session 2- Johannes Amritzer

June 10, 2010

Johannes Amritzer notes from his main session: Raising Next Generation Leaders

  • Unless the Holy Spirit brings someone to Christ, it doesn’t happen.
  • No movement or program brings them to Christ, it must be the Holy Spirit.
  • Next Generational leaders
  • A relevant / seeker sensitive movement is going to pass.
  • People will eventually get bored with being hip, cool, and it will exhaust themselves. – Speaking the the Church
  • The book of Acts doesn’t compete with the world.
  • The Church will only grow by the Holy Spirit.
  • Acts 9: 31 The Church grew in numbers, peace as they walked in the fear of the Lord.
  • You can not plan the Holy Spirit.
  • Focus on JESUS…
  • Ask: Holy Spirit, what are you up to?

3 things the Holy Spirit does:

  1. The Holy Spirit is always focused on the harvest.
  2. Gifts of the Holy Spirit will always be in operation.
  3. Breaks routine and changes order.

When we are Holy Spirit driven, He shows up in every part of your life. EVERYWHERE!

You are who you are! Be and let the Holy Spirit flow.

The Holy Spirit is an expert at building Churches. He has been doing in for 2000 yrs.

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