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Watch Your Reaction

June 9, 2010

When leading people, you lead with every part of you. Every single conversation, email sent, tweet body movement, and facial expression leads people in a direction. The question is, which way are we leading? If someone wanted to be really cliché here, you could punch in the old phrase “Actions speak louder than words.”

One of the things that I have been working on in my own leadership is watching how I react to the people I am leading in every situation. It doesn’t matter if someone did something good or they have done something bad, my reaction with my body, and facial expression is going to speak louder than the words I will say. I want to maintain an even keel through out every decision and problem that comes my way. Its one thing to say the right thing, its another to show it.

Everyone knows what it feels like to mess up only to have someone else tell you that it is ok, but their facial expression tells you that they are ticked. Leaders know this and remain calm through such happenings. Leading with the things that don’t have words will build trust in those who are working with you and for you. If they trust you, then next time things will go better.

What are you learning in the leadership world right now?

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