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Monday Evening Mind Dump

June 7, 2010

You know the drill, ready set go!

I am sitting enjoying the beautiful day as I write this. Feels good to make good money once in a while where you don’t have to work 12-16 hours a day to make that happen.

My wife will be done with school in 2 weeks. She teachers. I am glad she gets summers off because anyone who works with little kids all day needs a few months off.

Btw Abbie now has a Twitter account: Follow her at @abbiedavis … trust me she will have a few good things to say.

We started a new series on Heaven on Sunday. Let’s just say my boss brought the Word on Sunday morning.

Looking forward to The Young Pastors Roundtable: Ignite 2010 this Thursday. The MCM Network is hosting it. And I will be blogging through it. More on that soon…

I love our new Honda Accord!

Posting YouTube or Vimeo video’s is not blogging to me… do I do it too much? Let me know.

Having an Iphone is changing my life… not upset that I didn’t wait for the 4G. It’s how I roll with Apple, I always buy something right before their newest generation of something comes out.

Pride makes me sick. I once had someone tell me I was the most prideful  person they knew. I, in turn told them they were the most prideful person I have ever met. Both of us were wrong, but only one of us admitted it. Who do you think admitted it?

Preaching the Word accurately is the most important person can do when preaching. Better to get it right, rather than make peoples ears tickle.

At age 26 I can feel my body changing, I get sore after running… still doesn’t mean I am changing eating habits.

My neighbor likes to state the obvious.

Have you ever felt like you are over looked because of your age, lack of experience or something like that? How did that make you feel? It normal makes me bitter, ticked and then hurts my feeling in a sad kinda way. I am a sap I know.

Obama spoke in Pittsburgh last week… He doesn’t seem to do much, but I still think He is smooth. How do you feel about him?

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