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Looking Ahead

May 17, 2010

Have you ever noticed that the generation that follows a generation rejects what the first generation did?

For the sake of time and space in this post, do yourself a favor and think of history… how are you different from the generation before you. How are you different than what you were raised? How does each generation differ from the one that came before it?

Now take that thought and apply it to spiritual life.

Here’s my thought: If we live in a generation that has such a low view of God, what are my kids (when I have them) going to think of God? If people in today’s world don’t their spiritual lives very seriously (speaking about the majority of Christians) then what will the next generation look like?

Will they have a deeper view of God? Could it be that they will hold God in the esteem that He should be? Will they actually believe that He is sovereign?

I think they will. It’s my hope and prayer.

What are your thoughts?

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