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Little boy… please act like a man.

May 15, 2010

I enjoy people watching. I know that sounds creepy, but trust me, you do it too. One of the types of people that I enjoy watching is guys walk around with their girlfriend, fiance or wife. I like to see how other guys interact with their signigifant other. Most if the time its comical. Her dragging him through the “women” section at Walmart. As I married guy I totally can relate to goofy situations that I see.

One of the things I see is guys who are supposed to me with their girls, walking behind their girl so that their girl can’t see them checking out other women. Or when a guy I know is suppose to be with a girl but talks with other chicks like he is God’s gift to women.

Can I just rant a little?

Guys please stop acting like little boys. Stop checking out girls period. Unless you are married to them you have no business looking at her like that! If you are with a women treat her like the daughter of God that she is! Look, going out with one girl while trying to get with another is so lame, filthy, trashy, low and makes you scum. How about you guys grow up and act like men! Real men are faithful and treat women right. Their motives are twisted like yours. I know you think you won’t get caught, but whether you get caught or not is not the issue! The issue is that you acting like that makes you a little little boy, that in the end no one will ever want to talk to, date or marry.

Grow up dude.

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