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Does God Really Want All of Me?

April 15, 2010

Growing up I often struggled with this question. Does God really want all of me? I may never actually voiced, complained or questioned His desire, but I know that my life never resembled me giving all or Him taking all of me. Yes, God wants all of me… the question is… will that happen?

Even now as a grown up I often go through times where I know God is asking for something and I struggle to give in right away. I am thankful that He is gracious enough not to give up on me.

Commitment is, I think, one of the hardest things in a Christians walk. God gives us the faith to believe in Him and repentance can be accomplished but putting the two together? Commitment would be the two of those items coming together to make your Christian walk happen.

In Matt 16:24-28 Jesus tells His disciples that if they are going to come after Him/ commit to him then they must take up their cross, denying themselves and follow Him.

Commitment takes a few things for it to work. The disciples had to:

  • Sacrifice– Understanding that life was not about them anymore, denying themselves.
  • Take Action– Taking up their cross, knowing that God was calling them to follow Christ.
  • Obedience– Responding to Christ telling them to to follow Him.

Your thoughts? Does any of this make sense? Where do you fall in terms of committing to Christ?

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