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Behind Every Story

April 14, 2010

Everyone you come into contact in life has a story. You have a story and I have story. Everyday the story of our lives writes another paragraph or chapter. And with every story is the story behind the story…

As a Christian, friend and pastor I pray that God would help me see beyond the story on the surface.

Where I do ministry here in Pittsburgh, I am learning that more and more the story that we see on the faces of people we work with are not the stories we should be concerned about, rather the story that is being hidden is the one that needs addressed.

Take for example, a student who acts out all the time. Over and over again he or she needs correcting, but is the acting out really the story or is there something deeper. Most likely the student doesn’t receive the attention in school or at home that he or she needs. Hence the story behind the story.  And that was the most simplest example I can think of.

My point is… is that everyday we run into people who are hurt, broken, lost, and longing for someone to hear their story and bring Jesus to their wounds. Without the help of the Holy Spirit there is no way to see the story behind the story.

See it.


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  1. April 14, 2010 4:19 pm

    This is an intriguing post because for me personally, having the spiritual gifts of discernment/prophecy (not in a bigheaded way, just trying to qualify my point) it is easy to just give a word to someone and bounce. Over the past couple years, I have really asked the Lord to open my heart up and let me see people with His eyes, let me see that they are a person; not weird, not ugly, not having an odd personality but fearfully and wonderfully made.
    That becomes difficult when other people don’t fit into our mold of what a “normal human being” should be like.
    By asking the Lord that, He has expanded what prophecy really means and how it can bring healing to people in some of the most intimate ways. Prophecy is meant to weave within their story and draw them closer to the Lord. What a loving way for the Lord to breathe life into our past to draw us into His future.
    Very good post Ben.

  2. April 15, 2010 12:54 pm

    Wow – beautiful thoughts Ben. And it’s so true. In the flesh it’s so hard to see past the surface, what’s in our face at the moment. It’s always a struggle to see to the heart of the matter. I want to see like Jesus – past the superficial straight to the truth. Thank you!

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