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Crash Course In Youth Ministry p1

April 6, 2010

Last week I gave my youth leaders a little teaching on youth ministry. I have some great leaders and they all do such a great job, but even the best need some reminding on why we are doing what we are doing and what that doing is. In fact I needed to hear most of this myself as I wrote it. Here are some of the notes from the talk.


It’s a privilege that you get to work with theses students.

  • I can not say that enough.
  • Its something like 90% of students come to know Christ in their teenage years.
  • I really believe that God is calling these students to himself. And He uses us to do some of that drawing.
  • That God would allow us to father and mother students is a heavy  weight.


  • Students hear.
  • Students see.
  • Students feel.
  • Students know.

I think there are times where students seem like they don’t care. Or they are not listening. They aren’t listening, and are not caring because they don’t feel like you care.

The students aren’t stupid, at times they are actually more insightful than us. Students know whether or not you care. They know whether or not you want to be there that night.

Practical ways to show you care:

  • Show up on time
  • Call them
  • Text them
  • Facebook them
  • Tell them you are there for them
  • Tell them you love them (guys to guys, girls to girls)
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