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Random Saturday Night

March 27, 2010

I usually so this on Sunday night, but hey who makes the rules anyhow… You know how it goes. Random thoughts from me. Leave a comment if you like.

  • I got some new music recently… I will show you this week… just a clue though… I might be becoming a 13 year old little girl.
  • I have listened to a bunch of sermons over the past 3 months. Thank you Itunes for podcasts.
  • My church is sweet. We move into a new facility tomorrow morning. Thank you Jesus!
  • One of the greatest things that helps me keep forgiving people is not to put myself around them. I say that humbly.
  • I made a great connection this week with another youth pastor. I needed that.
  • I love it when a student gets it. I love to see it in their eyes.
  • I think Jesus would exhaust every resource on the lost.
  • Gossip is useless people. And not submitting to one church won’t help you grow your faith.
  • Jesus is all satisfying.
  • I have night mares about speaking in public. They have been waking me up at night. In the dreams I lose my motor skills and begin to stutter really badly. Anyone in the pentecostal world want to interpret?
  • My wife is smarter than me.
  • Just because you are reformed doesn’t mean you have to be boring, angry or bitter.
  • Just because you are pentecostal doesn’t mean you have to be free willing, emotional and unbalanced.
  • I made a new friend this week. When was the last time you made a new friend?
  • When was the last time you told someone about Christ? How about invited them to church?
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