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Get In The Game

March 19, 2010

Ever wonder what is keeping your relationship with Christ from growing? Have you ever thought to your self “Why is my relationship with Christ just not going anywhere?”

I haven’t been doing ministry for too long (8 years) but I have seen and heard many people ask those questions. Many times they left the church because they just weren’t “growing” or being “fed.” I always wondered why people did that, because I would see other people who loved the same church, the same service, or ministry and never see them leave or utter the phrase “I am just not getting fed.”

Now there can be many specific reasons why our relationship with Christ is not growing. I don’t think I need to give examples but the short answer is SIN. And if we were honest… most people think that if they live a good life, that their relationship with God will grow. Going to church twice a week and maybe reading the Bible is not a recipe for success in the Christian life.

Reading the Bible, prayer and attending church are all things that will help you grow but there comes a point where it’s got to go beyond that. Beyond those things are commitment, faithfulness and service.

Chances are, if you are attending church and not getting anything out of it you aren’t doing one of the 3 things I just mentioned.

Not growing in your relationship… Get In The Game.

Try doing one of these things. Be committed and stop being selfish, be faithful and stop thinking about what another church family would be like, and start serving, it will show that you are doing the other 2.

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