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Comparing love…

March 17, 2010

There have been many times where I walk away from a conversation, small group or church service of some kind and wonder why people can not see God’s love for them. Now I understand that not everyone is where I am (I still need a bunch of work and understanding) but for me to understand God’s love on the simplest level it has been very easy.

My life in general has lacked pain and suffering, I grew up in a very healthy and loving family. I had the privilege of being taught by people in my life that God loved me. I grew up in church and was very blessed for God to show Himself to me at a early age.

So I know, that on some level my understanding of why people can’t see God’s love for them is flawed. To some degree I might not ever be able to understand it.

But as I was sitting, thinking and praying last night I was hit with a thought. People can not see or understand God’s love for them because they do not understand love or have seen it in their life. They have nothing to compare it to. Now before you jump all over my back hear me out.

We live in a world where everything is compared to something else. Target is compared to Wal-Mart (btw there is no comparison, Target is better.) Athletes are compared to athletes of the past i.e. Kobe Bryant or Lebron James to Michael Jordan. Teachers from one grade to school to another. Part 1 of a movie to part 3 of movie.

Are you getting my point? We compare everything. And we even compare love. And if you have never experienced love, then you have nothing to compare God’s love to. You have nothing to make you understand that His love blows everything else out of the water.

To some degree you must have been loved in some way (whether good or bad) to understand how God loves you.

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