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God is Just

March 12, 2010

I would say that the majority of people have some sort of emotional response when something wrong happens to them. When life is unfair or unjust it is almost natural for us to want to react to make things “fair.” Most often anger creeps in and we want to avenge the wrong that was done.

I have been studying God’s justice this past week and have come to the conclusion that we do not understand how we are to interact with that justice.

In Luke 18 we see Jesus telling the disciples that even bad judges bring justice, then He asks them a rhetorical question;

“and will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night?  Will he delay long over them?”

He then says that He will bring justice in a speedy manner. And I think this is where we being human lose focus on God’s justice.

You see, God stands outside of time and space, while we stand inside these limits. Our understanding of God bringing justice in a speedy manner does not relate to His timing. Especially being born in America and thinking we get everything yesterday.

God’s justice is unlike ours.  Please understand that He will bring it, but only when the time is right. Our job is to continue to do good in the face of evil. The Bible continually talks about doing good, remaining faithful and righteous even when things are not going our way. He is the avenger, not us.

So next time something seems unfair or unjust remember that He will bring justice when the time is right. Our job is to continue to do good.

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