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Know your people…

March 8, 2010

I have worked for about a dozen different people now and there has been something different about each one and how they lead. Some have been fantastic! They have been the type of boss or leader that you would do work for free because of how they treat you. Other have been, well… let’s just say that I wouldn’t work with them ever again. Ever.

But through all of the different leaders and bosses that I am worked for I have noticed one thing: The good ones know how to get you to get things done. They take the time to understand how you are motivated and what keeps you moving. The bad ones don’t take the time for anything, just demand results.

As I lead I try to get to know each person and understand what they want out of life. This applies  both in the business world and in the church world. Taking the time to understand someone will take you farther as a leader or boss than just demanding results because you have a bigger title in front of your name or on your office door.

Get to know your people. Understand what drives them and what is going to endear them to you. It will be worth it and go a long way.

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