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Comment Policy?

March 1, 2010

So I don’t have a comment policy, not here on this website or on my Facebook page. I have heard and read recently that there are some guys out there that have made official policies for their blogs.

I don’t think that I am that good of a blogger or writer so I haven’t taken the time to write out a policy. But I do know that I enjoy comments and discussion. So bring on the comments!

But all of that brings something to mind that I want to point out…

In the past 3 months I have been told (by people who are not extremely close to me) that they think I like to create and stir controversy. I think they came up with this opinion from reading this blog sporadically. So I wanted to point out the main three things that I would like this blog to do.

1. For me to practice writing. Maybe someday, I might, if someone asked me to, possibly could, there is a slim chance, write a book. So I practice. If no book, then at the very least its therapeutic.

2. To show that not all Christians have Holy sticks up their butts. With as much hate mail or comments that I receive, there are equally as many positive comments from people saying that they enjoy the perspective on faith that I have and appreciate that I think is ok to question, dig and test what people or me are saying.

3. I want people to think. Often I come across people who blindly follow or listen to the coolest, trendiest things that are out there. And I am cool with following those things, but I just want people to think them through.

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  1. deana permalink
    March 2, 2010 5:57 pm

    my comment policy is that i seem to always have one. maybe i need a comment-policy-editor.

    the best blogs, IMN2BHO, create dia-LOGU vs dia-TRIBE.

    all of our “rules” should be the same for how we would conduct ourselves in person, just maybe sound better for those of us who communicate better in writing [read: me]

  2. Benjamin Davis permalink*
    March 3, 2010 2:37 am

    I hear you Deana! And I agree that our rules should be the same in person as well as writing.

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