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Behavior Modification p2

February 24, 2010

So I think that most of you are agreeing that this was/ is preached in churches in America, but that it actually is never called that our right.

So the question is how does change happen? How do we live lives that model Christ without some sort of behavior modification? Do we try harder? Does it have to do with my will? Should we focus more?

Often times I come across people who are dealing with chronic sin issues. They are entrapped in a pattern of sin that seems over whelming and impossible to break out of. So what do they do? Try harder, beat themselves up, put more pressure on themselves. All of these things only add to the vicious cycle that they are already in.

Behavior modification happens when we see Christ! We will NEVER see change happen in our lives until we see and behold Christ. Upgrading our view of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit brings changes in our behavior and character.

God is the only person who can make a lasting change in your life. All the efforts of man can only last for so long. So what should be preached, taught and talked about is not how staying away from sex, drugs and rock and roll is going to make you a better Christian, but how seeing Christ will make you want to change your life.

Understand? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

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  1. bryan pugner permalink
    February 25, 2010 12:22 pm

    I think there is a differance between prevention of sin and behavior modification. So we should still “preach, teach and talk about how to stay away from sex, drugs and rock and roll to making us a better Christian” – right? If people stop trying to earn their salvation and understand grace then their natural response will be to please God. In other words, we don’t do good to get to heaven but because its our proper response to God forgiving our sin. That should make us want to change our behavior. His great loves compells us to love Him back. Great post Ben – I would be interested in hearing your thoughts concerning behavior modification and a gospel of guilt.

  2. Benjamin Davis permalink*
    February 25, 2010 10:55 pm

    Brian I could not have said those things better myself. I actually had written a few things about how faith saves us not sanctification but then took it out because the post was getting too long.

    Guilt doesn’t work… mainly because you are acting out of fear. Can someone smell a part 3 brewing? Thanks for the idea Brian.

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